In 2022, Airelles is taking steps to become more informed and sensitive to issues around disability, putting several procedures in place both for their hotel and office-based staff.

Here are some figures to explain our reasons: 80% of disabilities are invisible, 80% of disabilities are caused by an accident, and one in six people is affected by a disability. In other words, anyone can potentially be touched. Airelles wants to do more than simply meet their legal obligations, they want to educate their staff about disability: what form it can take, when and why you should declare yourself as a worker with a disability, what advantages are there, both for the employer and the employee, and how to support someone with a disability, whether a colleague or a client.


An information campaign at Airelles

At the end of January, the winter hotel and the Paris and Annecy office staff saw large posters in bright colours with surprising statements: David Beckham is asthmatic, Kim Kardashian suffers from psoriasis and Lady Gaga has .

This campaign aims to demystify disability. A series of emails was sent with video messages from staff talking about their invisible disabilities.  Finally, our staff have had access to and external and confidential counselling service.

This campaign will be launched in July in our summer hotels.



Training to help staff welcome clients with disabilities

Another important subject within our industry is how best to support clients with disabilities. Our hotels are equipped with the appropriate equipment. But before our guests arrive at reception, how can we help during the reservation procedure? How can we go further?

Julie and Evelyne, co-founders of HASC (le Handicap Au Services de Compétences) have been helping staff at Airelles Saint Tropez and Gordes with these issues, ahead of the summer season. The two trainers, who both have disabilities themselves, ran their course with simple good humour, with the help of Raven, Julie’s guide dog, who has become an Airelles mascot! The training day included a little theory and a lot of practice, with plenty of role-playing exercises.

The team were very enthusiastic about the training and keen to try to view things from the perspective of a person with a disability.



This autumn, the teams at Airelles Courchevel and Val d’Isère will do the same course.

The group is also taking other steps, such as employing an intern with disabilities in IT at the Parisian office.

LOV Group and Airelles are proud to be educating their staff in disability issues.