huile d'olive Estoublon


Excellence demands total devotion throughout a lifetime.

Estoublon’s excellence has been developed over dozens of generations.

Their determination to cultivate a unique ‘art de vivre’ is reflected in the soil, the olive groves and the vineyards. Estoublon is free, a lover of taste and inspired by the exceptional surroundings of the Provencal back country. Here, each grape is full of passion and each olive feeds its future.

An iconic property in Baux-de-Provence for centuries, the estate has experienced a recent rebirth thanks to popularity of the summer rosé Roseblood, the worldwide awards for its olive oil, the wines which have been recognised in international tastings, the stunning gardens, excellent hospitality, and its friendly restaurant in an exquisite location.

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The first sign of the rebirth of Estoublon was the launch of Roseblood, a new and original rosé wine.

Made from Grenache, Cinsault and Tobouren, Roseblood is vibrant and floral, with a refreshing mineral quality.

Roseblood fires up the imagination and celebrates nature with a label depicting a snake, a vivid symbol of metamorphosis and seduction, and a wild and gentle rose. Both daring and playful, evoking mythology and transformation and the eternal renewal of the snake, Roseblood has a vital and seductive energy, born at the heart of Estoublon, the Provencal Garden of Eden.

Crisp, vivacious, floral notes combine and constantly change with each and every sip.