Founded in 2008 by Stéphane Courbit, LOV Group is found in 23 countries with almost 5,000 employees.
The group’s development strategy has ensured it occupies a strong position in three different areas: multi-platform and cross-genre content production, online gaming and luxury hotels.
Since its creation, LOV Group has positioned itself as a reference shareholder for all its subsidiaries, ensuring it works closely with and supports all its companies with a strong operational and human involvement.

In 2022, a new organisation was created, FL Entertainment.
Coming from a regrouping of businesses by Pegasus Entrepreneurial Acquisition Company Europe BV (SPAC), FL Entertainment is positioning itself as a global player in the tech entertainment industry in two areas: the production and distribution of multi-media content (Banijay) and online betting (Betclic).
FL Entertainment has been listed with Euronext Amsterdam since July 2022 and is valued at around 4 billion euros.

« Our culture is deeply entrepreneurial.
LOV Group is the result of many different talents coming together – each one of them is passionate about business and creativity. Diversity and independence are the hallmarks of the group, and from a base of common financial, strategic and creative viewpoints, a multitude of innovative companies have been born. »

Stéphane Courbit
Founder and President of LOV Group