Deeply committed to ensuring their clients are never encouraged to engage in unhealthy practices, Betclic has developed a sustainable approach to play that encourages compliance and protects customers with a passion for sport. In a safe and responsible gaming environment, Betclic encourages its players to practice moderate gaming while carefully monitoring the occasional problematic behaviour pattern. For more than 15 years, Betclic’s philosophy has been about focusing on the pleasure derived from the game. This is why the company is committed to ensuring its customers are safe from any of the adverse effects of gambling by using an artificial intelligence-based algorithm that detects the first signs of potential addiction very early on. By doing this, Betclic provides its players with the best protection possible.

Betclic chose to move the company headquarters to Bordeaux in 2018 for a variety of reasons, one of which was environmental, as the new ergonomic premises offered a very high standard of energy consumption. As a result, the company limits its production of waste as much as possible (including paper and plastic thanks to selective sorting in offices).

Thanks to new initiatives regarding remote working, Betclic has been able to reduce the amount of travel done by its employees – and in future, the Group will promote a green commute by setting up a bicycle bonus from 2021 .

Societal aid is also important to the group, and in the Betclic Malta office, teams regularly participate in mass cleaning initiatives to protect the local environment, and also work with various associations that help people in precarious situations.

Finally, with employees from more than 35 different nationalities making up the team, Betclic has proven its skill in managing diversity and inclusion, and in listening to its employees. All positions are open to people with disabilities. And concerned about the well-being of its employees, the company has set up monthly and annual satisfaction barometers with the objective of continuously improving the quality of life at work.