Over ten years, Liberté has perfected its choice of raw materials, its development and its image. Everything created at the bakery is homemade. New and enthusiastic artisans are trained and good relationships built with suppliers, notably a miller who supplies flour from the Ile-de-France.
Using fresh local produce with love, the expertise and care of the artisan shines through.

Young chefs are today making their mark at Liberté as they create inventive, addictive and iconic new products such as the Grain de Vanille and the Pain Liberté.

Pain restaurant Liberté
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In each location, Liberté offers a different type of architecture appropriate to its surroundings and to the client experience. Mickaël Benichou has called on many talented Parisian architects such as Dorothée Meilichzon, Marine Delaloy and Paula Alvarez from Toledo, Emmanuelle Simon and also Jessica Mille.

His aim: to promote art and Parisian artistry as well as celebrating French expertise. Liberté hopes to become the new benchmark for artisan bakeries and patisseries, offering exceptional produce every day.