A top-level meeting…On the summit of mont Blanc, between young sportsmen suffering with cystic fibrosis and the dangerous icy slopes of the highest mountain in Europe.


In June 2021, 3 teams composed with 3 patients (Fiona and Leslie, 33, and Louis, 27), guides and cameramen took up a difficult challenge, climbing at the top of mont Blanc, with the financial help of several partners among which LOV group’s endowment fund.


The climbers spent 3 days and 2 nights up there, and realized 3000m positive altitude change !

2 teams reached the top (4810 m), and the third had to stop at le Refuge Vallot, up to 4362m, due to cold weather and lack of oxygen.

2 teams, 2 summits, 2 achievements, and a beautiful message of hope !

When they got down, they had the surprise to find their family and friends who had come to welcome and congrat them.


This crazy project was initiated by Fiona Malagutti, a thirty-something sport and adventure lover, suffering with cystic fibrosis, and her boyfriend Nicolas, a confirmed sportsman willing to take up challenges.

In 2019, Fiona decided to create Muco Sans Frontieres. The first project got the couple in South America for a great road trip through the continent : 9 countries in 10 months, and the climbing of a 6000 meters high bolivian summit.

Since this achievement, the charity has organized sport challenges in order to raise funds to support health research and to increase patients media exposure.

Every 3 days, a child is born with cystic fibrosis, and more than 2 millions French people are healthy carriers of the gene, meaning that there is a risk of transmitting the disease to their children.

LOV Group is proud to support medical research to struggle against cystic fibrosis through the beautiful projects of the charity.



Muco sans Frontieres