Thursday November 18 : for DUODAY, LOV Group and Airelles welcomed many people with disabilities to Paris, Versailles and Annecy. The participants, who have invisible disabilities (like 80% of people with disabilities!), were keen to learn about the various departments within the group.

In Paris, Yohan spent a day with the IT service, Claudine in marketing, and Julie with the manager of the sustainability department.

Claudine and Julie went on to explore one of the pearls of the Airelles collection, the Grand Controle Hotel, where they were welcomed by the HR team. On the programme : a tour and a royal afternoon tea, during which Julie made a presentation about her agency HASC which offers advice about disability to companies.

In Annecy, Anne spent time with the accounting department and the HR coordinator.

The day was immersive in two ways – into the world of business and also into that of disability – sharing experiences. It was aimed at busting preconceptions and prejudices, demystifying disability, talking freely and spending a day together.

This exciting DUODAY in a professional setting was about sharing skills and perspectives and talking about how things can be improved for you.

One to watch!